ARES Instructor Profile

Melissa Lee

  • BLS Instructor

Melissa began her career working as a property manager where she became very experienced in coordinating multiple organizations and projects such as structural maintenance and upkeep, accounts payable, office work and management, advertising, and more. Her experience as a property manager helped foster a strong systematic approach to completing goals and objectives, as well as project management. Melissa spent 20 years of her career in the accounting industry, which gave her the skills and knowledge to help in multiple critical areas administratively in the growth of ARES both as a business as well as in making sure pricing schemes were built in such a way that benefits both the company and the customer. Though much of Melissa’s career has been office oriented, she has always had a drive to help others who might need it in the most unlikely of places. Despite working in office settings, she has always pushed for her and her coworkers to receive training in basic first aid and CPR and be ready to help people who needed it in their presence. Melissa decided to expand on her calling to help others and has since pursued a career change into law enforcement and emergency response. She currently serves multiple roles with the her local Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi including such positions as booking officer, training officer, disciplinary hearing officer, and courtroom bailiff. Her route through law enforcement and protection has allowed her to become highly skilled in Operational Security and threat reduction. Melissa has grown to have a passion for teaching as well as helping people and has focused her personal education and training on becoming an instructor in various disciplines, such as BLS, law enforcement instruction, and more. Melissa’s breadth of knowledge in creating systematic approaches to problems and instruction makes her extremely versatile and skilled at teaching students systematic ways to approach patient care and emergency response.


  • 2019BLS Instructor