We provide the
experience & knowledge to
implement crisis education resources
in your business or

Protecting What Matters

We put state-of-the-art medical technology & world-class training at your fingertips.
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Police Response

Receive the training & education resources that help your agency or company integrate government response to active shooters.

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Secure Location

Receive an assessment of your property & a plan for how the occupants should respond to provide the highest survival rate possible.

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Disaster Mitigation

We provide medical kits & training that can save lives. These life-saving kits use new technology, such as Celox™, that can stop bleeding until first-responders arrive.

Medical Kits Overview

  • Medkits cost $200 each ($225 if Celox™ included) & come with CPR certification & first aid training specific to the bag for free; one certification per bag, with 10% off additional certifications.
  • Clear pockets for quick location of needed supplies.
  • Supplies are catered for fast bleeding control & airway management, even by non-medically trained personnel.
  • Supplies can be applied one handed, allowing for self care if needed.
  • Increases survival rates by lessening or stopping blood loss until first responders can enter the scene.
  • Compact design allows for easy storage in convenient areas, such as AED cabinets & desk drawers.
  • Medkits include tourniquets, Israeli bandages, trauma shears, gloves, pocket mask, & optional Celox™.
  • Medkits are perfect for gyms, malls, military bases, schools, colleges, & any areas of assembly that could be potential targets.
  • Medkits are also useful for general industrial accidents.

The Expert Training You Need

For Security Crisis Response

We offer a wide range of classes to meet every type of need.
When the worst happens you want your agency, company, or organization to be prepared. We offer professional services, classes, & consultations for Active Shooter Response. Call, click, or message us today to get started.
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