Want to help bring new EMTs into the workforce in your area but don’t have your own program?

What You’ll Need

We are always looking for new training centers to help bring more local options to our growing area of students so they have less ground to travel to complete their EMS skills training.  To join, you simply need an adequate training room with an eligible instructor and equipment!  The following list is a good starting point:

  • Instructor trained to the provider level being offered.
  • Suction
  • O2 Cylinder with regulator
  • Bleeding control supplies (including tourniquets)
  • Bone splints
  • Long Board / KED
  • BLS Mannequins
  • AED Trainers
  • IV Arms & supplies (AEMT/Paramedic skills only)
  • Airway head (EMT is optional, but required for AEMT/Paramedic)

What You’ll Get

We want this to be a mutually beneficial partnership between our family and yours!  We don’t require our EMS students to be BLS trained in order to start, but they are required to have it to graduate.  This means you will be able to offer your BLS training to our students in your area at the rates appropriate for your market!  In addition to this, we also provide:

  • Charge students your market’s EMT tuition rate and keep the difference if it exceeds our rates!  If our rates are higher than your area, then we will pay $250 for each student who comes to you for training.
  • Full tuition ($2,000) for every fifth student you help enroll into the course

Are you interested in becoming an ARES Authorized Training Center?

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