Tuition Payment Options

Advanced Rescue Education Solutions

Advanced Rescue Education Solutions Payment and Financing Options

We at ARES understand that tuition for professional training can easily get to a point where making a single tuition payment in full can be virtually impossible to do. With that in mind, we’ve built two different payment options for you to consider, with more options coming in the future!

1. Affirm Lending Company – Third Party Financing

Affirm Lending Company has agreed to allow ARES students to receive 100% financing with their lending system. This system does make a “soft” credit check and considers income levels in order to determine eligibility for financing. If accepted, you will be able to make low monthly payments to Affirm, and Affirm will pay your tuition to whatever amount they approved you for. If you are denied, don’t worry! The credit check won’t stick to your score, and you can try one of the other two options!

2. ARES In-House Payment Plan

Should you be denied for third party financing, or if you just choose to utilize the In- House payment plan, ARES is willing to set up an agreement in which the student pays $250 toward the total tuition of whichever course is being taken. This down payment is non refundable, but does count toward the total tuition cost. The remaining balance will be divided evenly among the remaining months between the down payment and the expected course graduation and auto drafted from the student’s account each month. We understand life happens, and so if an issue arises and the auto draft agreement needs to be adjusted, we are available to talk with students on an individual basis to help them successfully complete their financial agreement with ARES. This is a fantastic option for students with bad or no credit. Note, however, that all financial obligations must be paid in full before the student is able to be listed as a course graduate and allowed to take the applicable certification exams.

All options are available on the purchase pages of each course we offer on our website at If you choose to utilize the ARES In-House Payment Plan, please contact us so that we can complete the auto-draft agreement with you for your particular course.